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Frequent Questions

Please check your e-mail. You should have received an instant confirmation email for your order, to the provided email address. Please check this carefully and let us know immediately if any details are incorrect. It is your responsibility to ensure that your entered travel details e.G. Flight numbers, contact details etc are entered correctly. Please remember to print and carry your confirmation email with you when you reach your destination (see terms & conditions), as our 24hr emergency contact number is clearly displayed there.

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We offer services only through professional, licensed, insured, non-smoking drivers that bear all the appropriate locally governed licenses. In all covered destinations, we collaborate with accredited taxi or transfer companies that are controlled by governmental bodies. All of the vehicles used are in perfect condition and of course clean and tidy, offering all modern amenities like air-condition etc.

The driver will definitely be waiting for you. All flights are monitored, that is why you enter your flight / ferry arrival details. It is extremely important that these details are accurate. Our driver will be waiting for you at the arrival point bearing a sign with your name clearly displayed. If for any reason you can not locate the driver or the driver cannot locate you (delay at customs, arriving at different exit, etc) we will try to contact you on the telephone number provided in your booking form. It is your responsibility to contact us on the emergency telephone number as clearly stated on your confirmation e-mail. Please note that failing to do so might result in service cancellation.

Do not worry. Regardless of how long the delay will be, your driver and vehicle will be waiting for you. We are in constant contact with the arrival lounges and airplane information points for that reason and we will make everything possible to adjust your vehicle pick up time. However you are strongly advised to inform us per email or phone of your updated travel arrangements.Note:since we have to provide timely service to other clients, if your flight is delay advantage to clients whose flight has arrived on the time. You have to wait for the next free driver.

If you do not have a credit card, and want to make a reservation and payment with someone elses credit card, you must first have permission from that person, prior to making the payment.

For almost all destinations we can confirm reservations through our online booking system up to 8-12 hours before your arrival. (time differs according to location, see site) if the online reservation system does not allow you to book for shorter time frames please email us at info@split-airport-transfers.com and we try our best to provide the requested transfer.Note:last minute transfers can cause a price increase of 20-30%.

Simply e-mail us at info@split-airport-transfers.com with the name and address of your requested destination, as well as your outbound location. We will respond to you as soon as possible with a quote and a quick booking link at no cost.

In most destinations yes. If the booking form gives you the option to tick baby seat or child seat then yes. We supply this service at extra charge (in most destinations).One child seat is for free, each additional seat is charged according to the valid price list on the day of transfer. The baby/child seat will be placed in the vehicle prior to your transfer.

We do not limit the amount of luggage you can carry. You are most welcome to carry all the luggage we can accommodate in the vehicle trunk. You are however expected to be realistic with regards to this issue. If required we strongly advice to tick the "Bulky luggage" option so that we can consider your needs and try to provide the correct vehicle at an adjusted price. Failing to inform us, might result in not being able to accommodate all your luggage in the vehicle, so delays for a different/additional vehicle will occur. This amendment will not be free of charge and you will be asked to confirm the charge prior to this arrangement.

Smoking and eating is not permitted in the vehicle during the transfer, however you can arrange with your driver to have a break when needed. The ability to break depends on the schedule of the next driving which the driver has to do after you.The car after your ride has to remain clean to be ready for the next ride.If not then you will be charged a cleaning fee in the amount of 15 €.

Keep in mind that any additional wait can cause increased transfer pricing.If you have a need for added actions(for example change money, go to atm, etc.) and the driver is waiting for you, the waiting time will be charged to you. When you order a service, it means transfer from the starting point to the destination point.Our drivers are doing a lot of transfers during the work day and we need to ensure time to be on time for the next journey.

Yes of course. You can book your return route online at the same time as you book your outbound journey. In this case you will get a discount(lower price)! You can also book your return with us at a later date by contacting us and stating your reservation number.

For any further information that you might need, please do not hesitate to contact us.